Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am Not A Knitter

...but I really want to be. I have tried from time to time since I was a child and knitting needles and I just do not get along. We have a power struggle. We fight for control. I cannot relax and hold the yarn in a death grip. I am trying to relax. I am trying simply making small swatches in different patterns and trying to let go and let it happen. It is still a struggle.

I am in such awe of knitters that just work away seemingly not even paying attention to what their magical needles are doing. There's this little diddy that a friend, Michelle Heid, whipped up for my daughter.

Another friend posted a link to a cardigan she liked and it's in crochet. Crochet I can relax and do a bit better with but up until this point all I have ever made are washcloths. Let it be known that they are perfectly gorgeous washcloths. So, I jumped right into the deep end of the pool and ordered a cotton/linen blend yarn and the right size crochet hooks and I'm going to give this a go this summer. Sounds like something good to work on while I am outside with the kids.

Wish me luck. If you hear me weeping from my backyard you'll know it's gone horribly wrong. I may end up back at my comfort zone with my sewing machines.