Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mud, Glorious Mud

Spring is slowly but surely arriving here in Maine. Mud season is upon us. Today's sun and warm temperatures were reason enough to get out and go for a walk with Kate and Maggie.

While we puttered along down the road I remembered to breathe deep - to exhale some of the cobwebs from my lungs and to inhale some of the cool, clear air. After months of being cooped up inside it felt so good to be out.

There is still plenty of snow to be had and we have weeks of melting left before we find grass and forest floor but the promise of it is all around. Before we know it the peepers will be serenading us from the vernal pools.

Kate especially liked the puddles. Of course she did. What else is better to a 2 year old? Fresh air, sunshine and kids = the perfect combination. Free to explore. No schedule to follow. Simply time to enjoy being two.

Then it was home for grilled cheese and cocoa before stories and nap. It's not a bad life. Not one bit.
Today we read Mud by Mary Lyn Rae before naptime as one of our choices.

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