Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Power of Scent

When my babies were tiny and brand new I remember being very conscious of any scents I used on my body. I didn't want any of their senses to be overwhelmed, including their sense of smell as we spent so much time in skin to skin contact with one another.

I have scent memories of my own mother. Camay soap and Tigress perfume. The very ideas of these make me think of clean snuggles and safety. The smell of Mr. Clean reminds me of my best friend's house. I often wonder what scent memories my own children would have of me.

One day a couple weeks ago my 6 year old son walked up to the clothes drying on the clothesline and grabbed a handful of a garment and put his nose in it. He then said to no one in particular, "smells like mama love". Guess that answered that question.

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